Tourism Support Initiative

External business assessment

Tourism Support Initiative – External business assessment

“When the going is tough – only the smart will survive and prosper…”We offer a tourism support initiative to hotels, guest houses, restaurants and any other hospitality business.

Our aim is to provide you with valuable support and information after conducting a business evaluation. An external view will broaden your business perspective.

We look at 5 key sectors:

1. Financial performance
2. Operational performance
3. Human Resources management
4. Sales, Marketing, Promotion and PR
5. Business planning

Pick any of the above sectors or all of them and we will conduct an audit. We recommend commencing with a “Mystery Guest Visit”.

Assessments don’t have to be complicated or long drawn out or even expensive. But an external review will provide you with recommendations and suggestions which will enhance your business performance.Take some time to see if your business is on track…

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